Are stainless BBQs any better?


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If you have experience with BBQ, definitely you have a preference when it comes to material. The choice of material determines your experience with the BBQ.  Some confer durability, easy maintenance, and heat retention. Still, others have higher heat transfer, meaning they give perfect grilling results.

Typically, a high-quality BBQ must be resilient, and it should provide excellent heat capacities. Above that, you need something durable and offers a surface that food doesn’t stick to.

A rough look on the BBQs shows minimal differences. But those who do serious grilling understand the difference in performance when it comes to construction and material. Common materials include stainless steel BBQ and cast iron BBQ.

Each of these BBQs is unique.

For instance, cast iron grills hold heat much better than their stainless steel counterparts. On the other hand, stainless steel BBQ does not need any management practices.  But if you are a fun of stainless steel ones, you should consider getting a thicker one – probably, more than 8mm. At this size, they can hold enough heat for perfect searing.

In general, before making any purchase, consider:


Performance is a huge term, but specifically, the BBQ can deliver a good result and how long it lasts.

If you are looking for BBQ that has excellent heating capability, then, cast iron is your choice. On the other hand, for durability, you should consider stainless steel built – both grill body and fame.

It’s noteworthy that the quality of stainless steel varies. So be careful not to get the counterfeit product.


Prices vary with numerous factors including the type of material, size and source of power. So it is vital that you work with a budget. There are multiple budget-friendly BBQs on the market today.


Again, this factor depends on the material. However, how you store and use the BBQ determines how long it lasts.

But some are simply high-quality than others, and therefore, should last longer. Ideally and steel, cast-iron makes the best BBQ. Besides, a combination of the two materials creates an excellent product.

Dissection of the stainless steel BBQ

Stainless steel means you won’t get higher heat transfer. But it has excellent heat retention. Thus, it keeps heat for longer. Again, it comes with:

  • Excellent durability
  • Resilience

What does that mean?

Stainless steel can withstand harsh environmental elements like sun, rain, wind, and salt. However, the stainless steel grates darken with use, but that is expected. You can simply scrub using a brush to remove the dark substance.

Note, stainless steel doesn’t rust. So you won’t need to do oiling, a factor that makes maintenance easier.

Another critical point is that the grills are larger than those of cast iron. This arrangement intends to retain heat for searing or cooking food effectively.

Basically, stainless BBQ should be your choice if you are looking for low maintenance, long-lasting, and high-performing grills.

Other possible materials that can make BBQ grilling grates include:

  • Steel grates: these are the most affordable grates you can buy. However, they tend to lose temper and, thus, develop chips. As such, the surface becomes rough.
  • Porcelain Grates: grates with porcelain coating are an excellent option. But the coating chips off quickly exposing the metal, which may rust.

A stainless BBQ is an excellent buy. But it won’t give you the same quality of cooking as what heavy cast iron would. Nonetheless, your choice should be guided by other factors like the need for maintenance, ease of cleaning, durability and heat.

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