Tips for identifying concrete cancer and how to fix it


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Concrete cancer can be one of the worst things that could happen to a solid structure or a building however if it is managed early on it can definitely help reduce the risk of any severe damage. It is better to make sure that you are able to identify concrete cancer and then take the necessary steps to rectify it. However if you conduct regular checks and carry out schedule maintenance it will not result in any such problems.

Concrete cancer repair can help fix major issues

Concrete is a sturdy material and is usually used during construction but it needs to be reinforced with another material in order to increase its strength. Since concrete is porous, it absorbs water and as a result it starts corroding the steel structures which have been placed within it.

In areas where there is a high degree of moisture in the air or the whole lot of rain, the concrete starts to absorb the water snd the salt present in the moisture which would rest in the steel structure within it. When the Steel starts to corrode it expands and then cracks the concrete.

The cracks then start to get deeper and in turn expose the steel which can significantly cause the building to weaken over time. It is known as concrete cancer because if it is left and treated it can cause further damage and it times it get so severe that it can ruin the whole building in just a matter of months.

Identifying concrete cancer and repairing it

There are quite a few signs which will make it obvious that the concrete has started to deteriorate. Anybody who carries out regular inspection should be on the lookout for any cracks present in the concrete or if they can see parts of the concrete crumbling away. Also be on the lookout for any marks or the leakage. Sometimes you might note a bubbling in the concrete when starts to expand outwards. You will not have to pay a great deal to repair the damage to the building or the structure if caught earlier. However you can then hire a professional to carry out a proper inspection and make the necessary repairs.

The professional will thoroughly inspect the building and then help you identify whether it is just a simple crack or actually concrete cancer that you should be worried about. They can identify the cause of the problem and rectify it immediately so that it cannot cause any further damage. One of the major reasons for concrete cancer is the presence of moisture in the concrete, it is better that it should be water proofed so that the moisture cannot get into the walls. However the surrounding salty air or the chloride in the buildings or the oceans nearby can have detrimental impact on the concrete.

If you want to save the structural integrity of the building, make sure that you only hire reputable companies who offer concrete cutting services.

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